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* Do you know what the DNS cache is?

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DNS cache, also called DNS resolver cache, is a mechanism for temporary data storage for past DNS lookups. It is going to keep a copy of the DNS records, such as A record or AAAA record, inside of already visited domain names. The cached DNS records are going to be available for a particular amount of time that depends on their TTL (Time-To-Live) value. After the TTL expires, the DNS resolver will have to perform a complete DNS lookup for the domain.

The DNS cache is very beneficial and serves to resolve a domain name quickly. It saves time, effort, and sources both for the network and the user’s device. So, the user could visit and explore a particular website way faster. Thanks to it, the process is way more efficient.

If you want, you can flush the DNS cache. That way, you are going to delete all of the stored in the cache DNS records. Note that you will have to clear both the local cache in your OS and the one in your web browser.

If you are curious to find out more information, we suggest you read the article - DNS cache explained!